Projections - Ghosts of Dubai's Boom  In Boom times the rise of Dubai came at a weighty cost to the city's migrant construction workers. And today, with the collapse of Dubai's building industry, these same labourers have borne the worst of the downturn. Shunted aside, forgotten, deported and paid next to nothing. In 2008, I visited one of Dubai's labour camps to document their story. Returning to the same camp in 2010, I found it deserted but for 25 workers. As these remaining few watched, I projected the 2008 images onto the empty huts of their friends, watching the ghosts of the departed, as if their souls still lived there.  And through multimedia collaboration of film and stills, we were able to capture their reactions, drawing out the latent emotions of these brothers that had been left behind.

Projections is about remembering the ghosts of these 'lost' men, it;s about telling the story of an audacious dream built on the most fragile human backbone. But most importantly, it tries to give an identity to these forgotten people who built dubai - who came and went unnoticed. 

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