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A Palestinian-Canadian, born and raised in Jordan, freelance photographer and filmmaker Annie Sakkab is based in Canada and the Middle East. She is drawn to explore the customs, lifestyles and values that characterize her subjects. Annie seeks long-form narrative with a focus on women’s issues and social justice. With her work, she raises questions of identity and awareness of the experiences of exile, uprooting and displacement among marginalized groups. Her long term project, ‘A Familiar Stranger,’ challenges contemporary western views and constructs of Middle Eastern women, and raises larger questions of how we perceive repression and freedom. Her work is published in Canadian and International medias including The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, Bloomberg News and NBC News, and worked for various organizations such as United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Mercy Corps and Danish Refugee Council (DRC).

A graduate of Loyalist College in Photojournalism and a participant in the Missouri Photo Workshop in 2014 and Eddie Adams Workshop in 2017, Annie won the News Photographers Association of Canada (NPAC) NPOY Student photographer of The Year Award (2015), CPOY College Photographer of the Year Award: Award of Excellence in Portraiture (2015), and the NPAC 1st Place Feature Photo (2016), among other awards. Annie’s work has also been recognized by Ontario Newspaper Awards, Ontario Community Newspapers Association, and Loyalist College faculty for commitment to and proficiency in editorial portraiture, documentary photojournalism and storytelling. 

Annie is a member of Muse Projects and Women Photograph, and a board member of True North Photo Journal (TPNJ).



Doc Accelerator Emerging Filmmaker Lab, HotDoc

NPAC / Sony Be Alpha Grant for 'A River Go By' project


Eddie Adams Workshop, Bloomberg 2-Day Assignment Award

News Photographers Association of Canada (NPAC), Feature Photo, 1st place
Photojournalist of the Year, Ontario Newspaper Awards ‪(ONA), Finalist
Student Feature Writing, Ontario Community Newspapers Association (OCNA), 3rd Place

CPOY College Photographer of the Year, Award of Excellence, Portrait category
NPAC NPOY Student Photographer of the Year Award
2014 National Pictures of the Year Award, Single Multimedia 'Hearts of Feather', 3rd place
2014 National Pictures of the Year Award, Single Multimedia 'To be a boy', HM
The Val Baltkalns Memorial Award, Loyalist College Faculty, recognizes excellence in editorial portraiture.
The Peter Brysky Memorial Award, Loyalist College Faculty, recognizes overall commitment to and proficiency in, the craft of Photojournalism.

The Doug Wicken Award, Loyalist College Faculty, recognizes commitment and excellence in documentary photojournalism and visual storytelling in either year of the program.

Pikto Top Pick Awards,  Honourable Mention for 'Projections'

Central Portrait Branch Print Show, 1st place winner in Child portrait

Central Portrait Branch Print Show, 1st place winner, Commercial

Format Magazine: How to become a professional photojournalist

Ryerson Review of Journalism "Developing from the Negative" April 03, 2016

NOMOREPOTLUCKS "I’ll be Your Mirror: An Interview with Annie Sakkab"

The WEL-Systems Institute "Experiencing Our Beauty Through A Different Lens"

Loyalist College "Loyalist College photojournalism student named Student Photographer of the Year.."



Places in Between, NUIT BLANCHE, group video instalation at Mackenzie House 


MUSE, A scotiabank CONTACT Featured Women Group Exhibition, Toronto

The Missouri Photo Workshop Exhibition, September 2014, Platte City, USA
PhotoSensitive AgingPhoto Group Exhibition, September 2014, Toronto, Canada

A Life Reclaimed, Nellie's Women Shelter, June 2013, Toronto, Canada
Insight Gallery 44 CONTACT Group Exhibition, Gallery 1313, Toronto, Canada
Curatorial Project
Exhibiting in and co-Curating a CONTACT photo festival featured exhibition Dislocations with curator Sevan Injejikian, establishing the new Riverdale Hub Community ArtGallery, Riverdale Hub, Toronto, Canada

Projections - Ghosts of Dubai's Boom, The Image Works Gallery, September 2012, Toronto, Canada
Acts of Exposure Group Exhibition, Gallery 1313, Toronto, Canada

Canadian Landscape Juried Group Exhibition, Agnes Jamieson Gallery, July 2010, Minden, Canada
Public Installation, Projectons of images in a labour camp in Dubai that resulted in the creation of a series of images for ‘Projections, ghosts of Dubai’s boom’, February 2010, Dubai, UAE

The Incredible Holga and Wonder Diana Group Exhibition, April 2008, Dubai, UAE

Tonnay-Boutonne International Art Festival, France, 1997
10th International Mahares Art Festival, Mahares, Tunisia, July 1996
9th International Mahares Art Festival, Mahares, Tunisia, July 1995
1st International Art Festival, National Gallery, Amman, Jordan, June,1993

National Gallery, Amman, Jordan

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